Two Roman tombs discovered in Egypt's Dakhla Oasis

Two Roman tombs discovered in Egypt's Dakhla Oasis

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During excavation work in the Beer e-Shaghala deposit, Have been found two roman tombs, whose walls are painted in bright colors showing religious scenes, although they are unfinished.

Mostafa Waziri, secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, explained that the first tomb has a plaster staircase with 20 steps, leading to a niche made of limestone.

The main room It is made of mud bricks, with a partially destroyed vaulted ceiling. Its north wall has two burial chambers that contain a collection of human skulls and skeletons, and where earthen lamps and pots have also been found.

The head of the Department of Ancient Egyptian Antiquities, Aiman ​​Ashmawy, explained that the second grave It has a funerary corridor that leads to a vaulted chamber in its north wall, where there is an engraved niche with a painted scene representing the mummification process.

Ashmawy added that in the area they found another 10 graves, all showing a characteristic architectural style with pyramid-shaped roofs and two or three levels in each tomb.

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