What was saved and what was destroyed in the fire at Notre Dame

What was saved and what was destroyed in the fire at Notre Dame

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Many works and pieces of great value were saved from the fire that suffered yesterday the cathedral of Notre Dame. A human chain made up of firefighters, security agents, the archbishop's team and technicians from the Ministry of Culture, managed to rescue a large part of its treasures.

Parts that were saved from the fire:

The fundamental pieces of the treasure of Notre Dame, which are the crown of thorns and the tunic of St. Louis, were rescued in time; as well as other highly valued reliquaries as one of the nails that served to fix Christ or a fragment of the Cross of Calvary.

All this treasure is currently at the Paris City Hall, waiting to be transferred to the Louvre Museum.

The two towers of the building where the bells are located were saved, while the 16 statues that were located under the central spire that collapsed had been removed on April 11 for restoration.

The Minister of Culture stated that the altar would also be safeBoth the marble piece and the cross, although the state of the Pieta that was located in the apse is unknown.

The big rosettes (three) dating from the 13th century are also in place.

Pieces destroyed by fire

  • The central spire that reached 93 meters in height
  • The bell tower from the back to the nave
  • "The forest", the 13th century framework built with oak logs
  • One of the organs of the cathedral.

The Mays, the great paintings of the 16th and 17th centuries were not affected by fire, but by water, which have already been removed for a quick restoration. Due to their large size they could not be removed in time.

Still is soon to be able to make a full diagnosis, so that in the next few hours we will be able to learn more conclusions about the general state of the cathedral and all its pieces.

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