Who was Eros? Biography of the «most beautiful of the gods»

Who was Eros? Biography of the «most beautiful of the gods»

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Eros is a primordial divinity who arises from Chaos itself along with Gaea, being defined by Hesiod in the Theogonythe most beautiful of the Immortal Gods, who breaks the limbs and tames both Gods and mortals the heart and the prudent will”.

According to the Orphics, would have hatched from the original egg generated by Nix (the Night) and whose halves would have formed the Earth and sky.

On the other hand, as God of Love closely associated with Aphrodite, is also considered her son, varying who her father would have been.

Eros is the attraction that allows to create life and above all, the internal cohesion of the Universe, the Cosmos.

Eros, the god of Love according to various authors

Plato, in "The Banquet or of Love”, Presents some positions of his contemporaries on Love, for example, For Fedro is a great God, in addition to other reasons, since he did not have parents, being in turn the one who generates innumerable goods.

Pausanias for his part, he affirms that there would be two Love Gods, since there are two Aphrodites, one vulgar corresponding to Aphrodite Pandemos (the one who would be the daughter of Zeus and Dione) and another to Aphrodite Urania with higher sights.

Eriximacus admits the existence of two Love Gods, but extends it not only to humans but to all beings “since Love is a multiple and enormous power, or better yet, a universal power that has and unites in Love in general.

But the love that manifests itself in the good together with moderation and justice, both in ourselves and in the gods, is the one that possesses the greatest power ”.

Aristophanes He says that Love, taken to its perfection term, would be the one that provides each one with what he loves.

For Agathon he is the most blessed among the blessed gods since he is the most beautiful and best.

Socrates, for its part, affirms that Love is not a God, but something in between, as if it were a genius, which transmits human things to Gods and Divine things to men, allowing the Whole to be perfectly united.

Defines it as son of Penía (Poverty) and Pores (the Resource, son of Metis) and for having been begotten on the day of the birth of Aphrodite, her companion and in love with beauty.

Thus, according to the words Socrates would have heard from Diotima (a wise woman from Mantinea), Love would be in the following situation:

Because he is the son of Poverty, he is always poor and his appearance is not delicate and beautiful, but because of the quality of his father, he is courageous, always looking for the good and the beautiful and very fertile in resources, finding himself in a middle ground between the wisdom and ignorance, being always in motion because it is an eternally unsatisfied force.

The original Eros gradually transformed into the winged child with his bow and symbolic arrows that we all know as Cupid.

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