The origin of the legend of Bloody Mary (Veronica)

The origin of the legend of Bloody Mary (Veronica)

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This article is about Bloody Mary legend Y not about the historical figure Maria Tudor, which was baptized with this nickname.

The origin of the legend starring Bloody Mary or Mary the Bloody emerged in the United States, which served as an inspiration for Clive Barker to write a horror story entitled The forbidden, and was later brought to the cinema screen under the name of Candyman.

What is the origin of Bloody Mary?

There are two well-known versions of the origin of the legend of Boody Mary. Each one presents the facts in a different way.

Next, we will introduce you to both versions.

The first Bloody Mary story

One of these stories claims that Mary was a very beautiful 15-year-old girl, who centered her vanity on her hair, which she combed a hundred times every night.

One day a man (who has not been identified) hid in young Mary's closet to play a prank on her while she combed her hair as usual.

When the girl was distracted the man came out of the closet and covered her mouth with a handkerchief to keep her from screaming while I cut all her hair.

Mary could not bear to see herself in the mirror without her beautiful hair making her feel ugly, so a few weeks later the girl committed suicide.

The legend says that if you light 3 candles in front of a mirror, brush your hair a hundred times and repeat "Bloody Mary" 3 times, she will appear.

The other Bloody Mary story

The other version of this legend says that Bloody Mary was a girl who was very sick and after spending 4 days in a coma, she was buried in the garden of her home by her father.

Mary's mother did not want to detach herself from her daughter's grave, so Mary's father injected her with morphine so that she would not freeze to death, and before going to sleep, he tied a thread in her daughter's hand and at the other end a bell.

The next day when Mary's father woke up, he found the bell lying on the ground, so he ran to open his daughter's grave. Mary's hands were full of blood and her fingers had no nails.

Mary's father was crying heartbroken for a long time, when suddenly it was noticed that the coffin had scratches and that her daughter's nails were embedded in it.

This legend says that if you light 3 candles in front of a mirror and say three times "Bloody mary"As you go around three times, this one is likely to appear.

And to you, which of these two stories seems more gloomy?

Image: Creative Commons.

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