They find remains of about 60 mammoths where the new Mexico City airport is being built

They find remains of about 60 mammoths where the new Mexico City airport is being built

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Mexico City. Mexican archaeologists found skeletal remains of about 60 mammoths in the premises where a new international airport is being built for Mexico City, which -asure- marks a scientific milestone in the country.

The bones of these giant mammals, which would have lived more than 14 thousand years ago, were found at the Santa Lucía military base, about 45 km from the capital, where one of the emblematic works of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stands.

Its about "largest find of its kind»In the country, explained the archaeologist Pedro Sánchez, from National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH).

«It will allow us to have a very important sample to carry out many studies in the world on these mammals«He added.

The accompaniment that the INAH has carried out since April 2019 left last October a first find of bones from about 14 mammoths, which date from the Pleistocene.

«We did not suppose that it was such a high number of skeletons (…), pertinent excavations are being made, very careful to be able to recover these remains", Held.

The expert explained that almost all the skeletons are from the Columbi variety or Columbian mammoth. 31 archaeologists and three restorers work in the area, who have also found human skeletons, vessels, obsidian and other types of fauna such as bison and camels.

«We are doing the work (…) of assembling the bones. Surely when we finish the count we will have moreMammoths, he anticipated.

The archaeologist announced that INAH plans to expose the remains in a gallery.

Remains of a mammoth had already been found in the 1970s while the Mexico City metro was being built.

These herbivores that needed a great deal of food found in the surroundings of the lakes of the basin of Mexico an ideal space to live, according to specialists.

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