The best value for money sunglasses

The best value for money sunglasses

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Sunglasses are the queens of beaches and pools in the summer, but that does not mean that this accessory is not necessary during the rest of the other seasons of the year, both on sunny days and on cloudy days.

Beyond aesthetics, sunglasses play a fundamental role in our health, since they protect us from ultraviolet rays, which can damage our eyes. In addition, they also protect our eyes from the wind and cold during autumn and winter.

If you need to renew this accessory, you are in luck because Black Friday comes from Alain Afflelou opticians, where you will find the best value for money sunglasses. Next, we leave you a small list with the most interesting models.

Afflelou mold

Afflelou has a wide variety of sunglasses. The Affelou mold are one of the most popular models of the French brand. This model stands out for its unique style that combines perfectly with the vintage charm of the 70s, thanks to its round frame with double bridge and two-tone lenses.

Currently you can find it available in pink and gold, gold and blue, and black tones. A pair of sunglasses that will add personality to your daily outfits for just 49 euros.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic

Ray-Ban is the world's best-selling sunglasses brand. Inspired by the 1950s, the Clubmaster Classic sunglasses stand out for their timeless retro style. An elegant rectangular design with gold details that causes you to bring out the intellectual in you, as many artists have done over time.

The upper part of the frame and temples are made of dark brown or black pasta, while the lower part is metallic in gold. A mythical model of the American company that you can now find by 109 euros.

Arnette fastball

Although it is a relatively young brand, born in 1992, Arnette has conquered the younger public in recent years, especially sports lovers. Arnette Fastball is one of the most interesting models of the American brand in value for money.

With a sporty design, with a rectangular and curved shape, this model is ideal to perfect all looks. The front of the frame is black and the temples are blue, although a completely black model can also be found. In addition, the crystals have a bluish or grayish hue to protect your eyes from the sun. Currently can be found by 89 euros.

Guess GU7658

The Guess brand sunglasses stand out for their glamorous styles, as can be seen in the Guess GU7658 model, which is part of the Essential collection.

This model combines a brown paste front and touches of red, with metal temples finished in the same color. With a slightly oval design, these sunglasses from the iconic American fashion brand add a stylish touch to any look for just 89 euros.

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