Review: Volume 7 - Medieval World

Review: Volume 7 - Medieval World

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Medieval World

The area comprising what became the counties of Cumberland and Westmorland was long disputed, both politically and ecclesiastically, between the English and Scottish kingdoms. The bishopric of Carlisle was the last see in England to be created before the Reformation changes of the 1540s. This latest volume in the English Episcopal Acta series brings together for the first time an edition of all the surviving charters issued by bishops of Carlisle from 1133 until the death of Bishop Ralph de Ireton in 1292. The extant charters provide great insights into the episcopal administration of this border bishopric for the first 150 years of the see's existence. The introduction provides an account of the diocese, the bishops and their households, discussion of the diplomatic aspects and style of the surviving charters and the episcopal seals. Offering fresh insights into this formative period of English history, this volume will be of interest to scholars and students of ecclesiastical, medieval and local history.

This volume collects together the 198 acta issued by Bishops Walter Suffield and Simon Walton of Norwich. The development of the diocese of Norwich is outlined in English Episcopal Acta 6, Norwich 1070-1214. Although the rapid multiplication of houses of monks, canons and nuns which had characterised the century and a half after the Norman Conquest had slackened in pace, the period covered by this volume saw the foundation of two nunneries, Marham and Flixton, and the establishment by Bishop Suffield himself of a major new hospital, St Giles in Norwich.

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